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Understanding our architectural services



Our team works with you to determine what the project involves. Our process will uncover the needs, wants, desires, functional and quantifiable goals. We conduct feasibility studies and site selection assesments for your due diligence to see if a site, tenant space, or building is the right fit.


When we design your building, you are in the esteemed position of being a collector of architecture. We strive to design buildings so that people love and value the places they purchase. We want you to live with architecture and appreciate it in your daily life. We want you to build an emotional connection to a place after being part of why and how it was created. Whether it’s the emotional attachment or social aspect, our approach with each client should be just as different as the reasons they collect architecture.


Your projects is pushed through the government machine until we make them say yes, you can build.


We take your project through construction and manage the construction process for you. We respect and value the work of the prime contractors we work with so you don't have to pay for the unnecessary services of a middleman manager. Instead, your project gets the attention of the architect that drew the plans and knows all the decisions for why you needed it built the way we designed it.

Service Details

Our firm gets your project in compliance with the mandatory regulations required by the state, CALGreen, California's mandatory green building code. Our approach to sustainable design reduces impacts on the environment and increases the health and comfort of building occupants. Our goal is not to burden the project with extra cost by buying products; our approach utilizes passive design strategies to improve building performance. Fresh air from operable windows is free. Sunlight is free. Our objectives with sustainability are to reduce consumption of non-renewable resources, minimize waste, and create healthy, productive environments. 

We provide Project Delivery in a comprehensive process including planning, design, and construction administration to complete your building. We offer an objective evaluation for you to select a project delivery method best suited to developing your real estate asset. 

It may not be the right time to commission a full scope of architectural services. We offer site selection studies and feasibility studies before you feel comfortable committing to purchasing a site. A feasibility study involves providing you with preliminary information on the potential project to assist you with your predicting if the market conditions, available financing, zoning, and the cost will lead to a successful project.  

Our firm is well connected in the architecture and construction industry. We retain a team of consulting disciplines for your project that our clients find to be competent and knowledgeable. Our work is bigger than we are and we rely on a group of experts. We are also able to find the right contractors for your project. As an added value to the services we offer, we are looking to connect you to industry leaders, vendors, suppliers, buyers, and consultants for you to form business associations with.

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We work with you and the funding source to select the appropriate fee schedule for your project.

    • Fixed fee

      • Defined scope
      • Project won't change directive
      • Simmilar to completed projects
      • Owner confident with cost
      • Known construction cost
      • Bank proforma guides fees