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Programming is the process of interviewing and documenting the organization's facility needs, spatial requirements, and human desires. The program documents reveal what is not readily apparent, a statement of the needs of the organization as if it were from one mind. Spector Corbett Architects have developed refined programming tools and an effective approach to assist our Client’s with their facilities programming. We employ our expertise in space planning to provide our Client’s with buildings that respond to the program's needs and objectives.


Space Planning:

Spector Corbett Architects generate preliminary layouts for reconfiguring and improving facilities based on the approved programming document. The plans are updated with the spatial inventory, population, and area diagrams. The layouts assist the Client in planning a clear direction for altering the facility to maximize the potential use.

Proven Results

Our firm is selective in the projects we take on, so that we may focus our energy and give each of our projects the attention it needs to be successful. Our design ability brings value to all our projects and is centered on providing innovative solutions that implement sustainable design, function, and aesthetic qualities that are a paired response to our Client’s budget, needs, and objectives. Our team’s seven design professionals utilize intricate cross-platform scheduling to determine staff resource allocation and track project budgets in real time. We produce concise technical documents that ensure the carry through of high-quality design and implement sound quality management at an appropriate level of detail. This attention to detail reduces questions during construction and results in better cost control. Our team size and organization prioritizes our Principal Architect’s direct participation in all aspects of architectural services and also implements the expanded capacity and expertise of our Design Director, Technical Director, and technical staff to meet critical schedules. Our repeat clients retain us for our performance, and client relationships are a hallmark of our practice.