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Adam J. French

Architect | Design Director

About Adam

our lead designer

Licensed Architect, State of California
Federal Aviation Administration - Unmanned Aerial Systems

SCI-Arc, Los Angeles, CA
Bachelor of Architecture

Organizations and Affiliations:
NCARB - National Council of Architectural Registration Boards

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Adam demonstrates the methods for developing design solutions collaboratively with clients, users, and stakeholders; an understanding of the drawings and documents needed for agency approvals, and an awareness of specific design concerns in California. His experience in architecture started while in high school. He enrolled in courses in manual drafting, mechanical drawing, architectural CAD drafting, entered competitions, and obtained a Regional Occupational Program training certificate in CAD drafting. Following his first job as a UNIX mainframe computer operator, he inspected and documented construction defects in the field. This experience provided him with a solid understanding of detailing and the prevention of water intrusion, preparing him for the legal aspects of the construction industry. Throughout college, Adam was driven to working in the field of architecture 15-20 hours per week and full-time during breaks and over the summers. Fabrication, tooling, and construction were also part of the work experience as he worked in metal and wood shops before progressing to sculptural metal fabrication in a merit shop and subsequently general construction. After graduation, Adam worked for iconic architects where he was designing high-rises. Adam has worked in all phases of projects with a focus on development feasibility. Adam worked on intriguing and innovative projects producing concept illustrations, simulation models, patent drawings, and renderings for a company that patented and is developing a low-cost, high-speed gyro-stabilized computer operated Vertical Take-Off & Landing passenger vehicle intended to revolutionize air transportation. The company was working with NASA through the Revolutionary Aerospace System Concepts grant which funded the development and testing of the Vertical Take-Off & Landing engine system. He rendered conceptual designs for a company which develops and implements technological advances in transportation through the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology Program, and the Recovery Act-Transportation Electrification, including electric conversion and upgrades of existing rail systems, high-speed magnetic levitation trains, and induction charging for electric drive vehicles. As a professional architect and the Design Director at Spector Corbett Architects, Adam often finds inspiration to drive the creative process from outside the field of architecture. Adam looks to the context of the region to make his architectural designs a fit for the specific field conditions, culture, and microclimate.