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Historic Renovation

The historic building was owned by the power company and used as offices. Our firm took care to restore the historic architectural features and converted the atmosphere from offices with acoustic ceilings to immerse the diners in the experience of being in the beautiful capital city of Guadalajara. Patrons are delighted with offerings of charbroiled entrees prepared on an open grill using mesquite charcoal from the cuisine of the state of Jalisco in the ambiance of mariachi music and tequila. The renovation embodies Jalisco’s heritage with a vibrant color pallet. The decorative tiles have a lineage which traces its origins back to Spain, and the geometric motifs on the tiles trace back to the influence of the Moors and still further back to the geometric motifs from Arabia. For you and your dinner companions, we set the stage for the fantasy of experiencing the authentic flavors of Jalisco, here in Watsonville, California. Our design aims to frame the experience.

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