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Drive-thru restaurants and site master planning

The concept was formed around the building being in an industrial zone, and we were asking planning to allow commercial use; therefore the architecture needed to address the context. Crop fields surround the building. The colors and pattern on the facade reference the crop fields. As you view the site from the satellite images, the crop fields are mottled colors of green. The color pallet also took into account the tenant would be Starbucks. The sawtooth roof is an icon of industry, and the primer red color is from the industrial building that was demolished. Across the street is the historic Redman house surrounded by crop fields. Those were essential touchstones for the historic planner and the city council. We proposed a building that cared about the place it was in and the heritage. We went to great lengths in getting the site rezoned and in the concessions made by the farm bureau in allowing this property to be developed in the way it was. All of which required more than a placeless strip mall. The mayor liked the project, and a councilman told us that he could see that we weren't evil. The process was political; we showed that we were in it to make the city better, and the project got approved. People will be viewing the historic Redman house from the tenant space. It is a fantastic house for its era and a focal point of interest. Our design process aims to care, and when the city sees care, they approve projects.