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Venue and concert center

Zocalo is a premier live entertainment district in Northern California. It will host a venue with capacity for live performances for audiences of 8,000 to 12,000 patrons. The venue will serve as an anchor for a microbrewery and a full range of high caliber restaurant spaces with an emphasis on capturing authentic international flavors including South of the border and other world fusion palettes. The initial phase of development features a variety of sub-sites to accommodate many leisure and entertainment pursuits. Zocalo meets a currently unsatisfied need in the Bay Area for adjustable/convertible venues capable of attracting top performances and live acts while also being suitable as a dynamic space for multipurpose functions including corporate and civic events. This conceptual design seeks to define a vision for the implementation of feasibility studies and site selection. The features and aesthetics of the buildings and plaza are conceptually presented with the intent to refine and develop at a technical level once suitable sites are selected. This document serves as a vision of the possibilities ahead. It will describe in broad brush strokes the functions and gross building areas for the venue, restaurants, banquet halls, and support services. Occupant numbers and square footages are presented as a point of departure inviting input from the various stakeholders to gather the specific needs and user requirements.