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The project consists of several phases of development to an existing Research & Development campus. Phase 1 includes a new 7,800 sq ft research greenhouse including associated site work, infrastructure, and utilities. Phase 2 consists of demolition of existing greenhouses, and construction of a new 29,000 sq ft 2‐story R&D operations building and associated site improvements. 18,000 sq ft of tenant improvements will be built‐out on the first floor including labs and offices. Site improvements include a 99 car parking lot, landscaping, agricultural buffer, utilities, and access upgrades. Phase 3 consists of the demolition of additional existing greenhouses and construction of a new 13,800 sq ft research greenhouse. Phase 4 consists of the build‐out of the additional 11,000 SF tenant improvements on the second floor of the new Phase 2 building and a new small parking area. Phase 5 consists of landscaping improvements below the existing Conference Center parking area.